Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Is This An Issue?

Regardless of the viewpoints of those offering opinions in the abortion "debate" (myself included), it can be said with relative certainty* that the mothers of all involved, at some point, chose to carry their pregnancies to term.  As far as I can tell, commentors on all sides came from (perhaps briefly) pro-life mothers.

That this issue remains so important in national level politics amazes me.  After all these years, that conservatives choose this issue as a keystone for their campaigns shows that Einstein's definition of insanity (continuing to do the same things and expecting different outcomes) is still valid.  That 'conservatives' can demand that government be less intrusive in peoples' lives at the same time demanding that the State have dominion over reproduction continues to vex me.

Romney, Ryan, Akin, et al: Stop letting the left use this as a 'gotcha!' issue!  Express a PERSONAL opinion if you must, but stop promising to use the power of the office to which you aspire to force everyone to comply with your opinion.

Get out of every woman's womb and focus on those issues with which the office is charged by the US Constitution!

* I'm pretty sure most pro-abortion supporters survived childbirth, though I wonder about a few, especially those who find themselves being interviewed for broadcast and/or publication.

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