Friday, August 21, 2009

BTW...using a Linux desktop blog editor called 'Drivel' now - it's a lot more convenient than the web interface.

Also noticed that I've almost tripled my output from last more post this month and I'll match last year's TOTAL!

I'll try to make it a worthwhile post, not just 'here it is, my 4th post this month'.
Kinda got derailed on reporting on Freedom Rally 25, and since no one actually reads this stuff I'm not sure it's worth continuing the story.

Attendance has been reported as just shy of 8100 - it sure seems like there were a lot more than that in the park, but since I never made it beyond the vendor area after Wednesday afternoon I can't say for sure.

The rain Friday night put a damper on activities, but they still lit the fireworks around 12:30 AM, making it the first fireworks display of July 4, 2009 in the Kossuth County area.All I can say is that it SOUNDED impressive...I'd given up and gone to bed by then.

Other than the leaking shock seal the ride was great - even got shot on Shooters Images as we were leaving for home Sunday morning.As much grief as I've given others for pulling trailers I'm beginning to think there's some merit to it. I probably carry too much crap as it is but I'm reaching the limit for strapping it on to the bike I think.

Guess this'll wrap up the Freedom Rally 25 up is Loess Hills Rally X, followed by Meeting of the Minds in Bloomington MN. There are some rides and events scheduled for the first weekend in October...experience tells me that may be optimistic for motorcycle events, but maybe Global Climate Change (TM) may have a good side after all.
Middle Child has decided to play viola this year instead of clarinet. I'm thinking of taking up the bagpipes in retaliation.