Saturday, January 3, 2009

Yippee! 2009!

Well, it's 2009.

Hope y'all made the most of the additional time added to 2008 - that leap second sure seemed to pass quickly...of course, it hit here at about 5:59 PM on the evening of the 31st, and I was outside changing IFTA stickers on company trucks. I imagine the windchill had my thoughts elsewhere!

Celebrated my 43rd birthday with the purchase of a new Ruger Mk. III 22/45 pistol - only the 3rd new firearm I've purchased in my life - all the others have been off the used racks and shelves. I was going to go to the indoor range today and start breaking it in but Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench into the plans...unfortunately I have to consider going to the range 'non-essential travel', especially when work calls and requests my presence to put chains on the cargo tugs. As much as I know I'd enjoy an hour or two on the range, 4 hours of overtime means more right now.

I see I made 4 posts in 2008. One of my goals this year is to beat that mark.