Friday, June 26, 2009

How about smart HUMANS?

OK...I'm over the whole "Smart (noun)" thing.

Smart cars, smart guns, smart power meters, smart traffic get the picture.

Instead of pouring time and money into making inanimate objects smart, how about we work on upgrading the software between the ears of the population?

There's a commercial I hear frequently on the radio that boasts of a certain Three Letter Corporation's efforts at saving fuel and lost time by using technology to cut down on traffic jams. Of course, the example they site - some sort of Scandanavian system - seems more to concentrate on taxing people rather than improving traffic flow, but since most of the folks hearing the commercial know more about 'American Idol' than socialism it slides by.

Do we really need SKYNET? Haven't we learned from 4 "Terminator" movies that letting computers run our lives doesn't turn out well?