Thursday, August 1, 2013

If Women Don't Find You Handsome They Should At Least Find You Handy...

Today was a fix-it day at Casa de MXL.

I replaced a bad motor capacitor in an air conditioner and now have cool air flowing in the dining room and living room again, much to the happiness of the others who live here.

For the record, if I ever recommend you purchase a certain appliance, don't follow my advice.  I seem to have a knack for choosing appliances that only break special-order parts.

On a positive note, don't overlook Grainger as a source for appliance parts.  The motor cap that everyone else wanted upwards of $100 for was only $20 from Grainger, and was available in 2 days versus everyone else's week to 10 days.

I also replaced the lockset in the back door.  The door was made for a mortised lock, but somebody Bubba'd a modern lockset into it.  I won't say that I completely un-Bubba'd it, but at least the brass door reinforcement covers the Bubba job and gives the bolt a solid attachment point.

A few hours of lost sleep is probably worth the domestic harmony my efforts hopefully produce.