Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buy A Gun Day 2010

The Big Brown Truck of Happiness just dropped off the last major part of my first AR-15 build.

Note that I opted for the BUIS cat instead of standard sights.

The neat thing I'm finding out about AR accessories is that they are multi-functional. In this case, the cat is being used as an angled forward grip.

I have the for the second most fun thing to do with a new firearm: Time to ACCESSORIZE!


Aaron Spuler said...

Looks like a flat top 16" barrel M4 configuration, right? I have something very similar (put it together in January) and enjoy the gun. I elected to keep it simple on mine. I got an ambidextrous safety (yeah, I shoot lefty), a carry handle, and a sling. But that's all I'm accessorizing that gun with. Keeping it simple on this one.

For my BAGD purchase, I picked up a Marlin Model 60.

JohnMXL said...

16" flat top mid-length.

First upgrade was to change the pistol grip to a Hogue - fits my hand a little better.

I've since added a removeable carry handle for iron sights - I have a BSA RD30 but I need to get a riser to be able to clear the front sight.

Low budget for now...

Considering my next build already - probably a 20" varmint configuration.