Saturday, March 3, 2018

Prosecuting the Parkland Murderer

Another one of my percolating thoughts...not fully thought thru yet, so I imagine there are flaws in my logic; reasonable critique is appreciated; explain clearly where I'm wrong, please.

Here goes:

I'm seeing posts calling for the public execution of the Parkland FL murderer.

Bad idea. The Left will spin it as the State executing a person with diminished mental capacity and will make him a martyr.

Instead, he needs to be charged with and tried for every local, county, state and Federal firearms law he violated to illustrate how many already exist and to show why new laws are pointless.

No plea bargains - the laws are there, prosecute accordingly or explain the failure to enforce and prosecute the violations, up to and including the failures of the various levels of government to perform their required duties.

Presumably there will be claims of 'piling on' and 'overcharging' and of not being able to mount an adequate defense. This is rather uncharted territory, as it seems most of these murderers don't survive to be arrested.

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