Saturday, January 2, 2016


I work overnights, and have for most of the soon-to-be 17 years I've been with Very Large Global Corporation, so as a result I'm often awake in the middle of the night on weekends and holidays.

I enjoy it, because it's quiet and I can work on stuff needing a bit of concentration.

I started a spreadsheet for tracking fuel consumption back when I was riding the '90 Ultra Classic, and have kept it going for the '07.  I grabbed the odometer reading on Jan 1 so I could update my mileage and figure out how far I'd ridden in 2015.

Along the way, I figured out that my last ride of any significant distance was to Marshalltown in early November for ABATE IA STEAM.  I know I had the bike out a couple of times in December, but apparently I didn't travel far.

Notables from the spreadsheet: 68290 on the odometer, 32022 miles of which I put on the bike since purchase in 2013, 11119 miles of which I put on in 2015.

Now that the ibuprofen has kicked in I think it's time to go back to sleep.

Thanks for watching this space!

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