Thursday, December 6, 2012

Things Not To Say To The Wife, Part 1

Apparently my wife doesn't find it amusing when I make the comment "It isn't working" during a discussion about the "Happy Light" (light therapy lamp) she has on her desk at work.

You know that internal filter that's supposed to keep you from voicing the thought before you've fully processed the potential repercussions?  My internal filter apparently stepped out for a pint at the pub down the road.

Reminding her that marrying me was proof she has a sense of humor didn't help.


Brigid said...

It's probably as popular as "I thought you were going to start your diet last week".

Thanks for a smile, and I am sure there are many of us out here who agree she chose wisely.

Brigid said...

Don't know if you are reading as a lot of folks get busy during the holidays and don't post but wanted to wish you and your wife a Merry Christmas!