Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not Firing On All Cylinders - Now with MORE Kilt!

It is possible to ride while wearing a kilt. This is me on my old bike, an '81 GL1100 Gold Wing.

The Harley has hot parts in different locations than the Wing, so riding kilted requires a bit more care.

In any case, one tucks the front of the kilt (called the 'apron') under oneself and goes. The additional weight of a sporran helps to control the apron. Expect the rest to billow as the wind catches it. As long as one remains seated for the entire performance modesty should be maintained.

Mounting and dismounting while regimental requires some caution, as the act of throwing one's leg over the seat can give one more exposure than intended.

Vinyl seats left in the sun can lead to embarrassing burns, so consider covering the seat when not riding.

It goes without saying that practicing good hygiene is advised, however riding kilted almost guarantees no one who sees you will want to borrow your bike!

Riding kilted gives new meaning to 'getting your knees in the breeze'!

Don't forget to click the links in my earlier post to find out about (and donate to) Kilted To Kick Cancer!

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