Saturday, November 21, 2009

Isn't It Amazing...

...what you find when you are not looking for it?

Case in point: Some time back another blogger and I had a short email exchange regarding author Dean Ing and one of his books, Single Combat.

Suddenly, I had a desire to re-read the book, but I couldn't find my copy. Considering the number of moves we've made in 20 years, it's not surprising that it got misplaced. My worst fears were that it had been sold at a garage/tag/rummage sale for next to nothing, that it was in one of the boxes still in storage at the folks' place or that it was in one of the boxes that got tossed when the basement flooded a few years ago.

A quick search online showed that while not made of unobtanium, it did tend to be a bit tough to find, so my urge to read it was offset by immediate unavailability.

Fast forward to today. I'm moving stuff in the storage shed to put the window AC unit away for the winter. I open up a storage tote to see what's in it, and lo and behold, here are several books I thought I'd lost, including my copy of Single Combat.

Now I gotta put more effort into finishing the "Honey Do" list so I can sit down and enjoy a good book!

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